I am a visual artist and music artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In my art, I use photography as a medium for creative expression. I experiment with different photographic techniques, such as merging photography with painting or photo manipulation. In my photo art, I capture the beauty of nature in Europe during my walks through serene natural places. 
Nature and her details are the primary sources of inspiration for my art and music. I reflect on the connection between man and nature. In my daily life in the city, I notice alienation between humans and the natural environment. With my art, I want to imagine the spirit of nature to make the viewer aware that nature is a being of consciousness, to which we are unconditionally connected.

Selected features


2017 ZEN, 2nd edition (dutch), Isbn 978908262950
2016 ZEN, 1st edition (dutch), Isbn 978908262950


2020 Diáfano Magazine Issue 002  
2018 Mono Chroma Magazine Issue 002 - Fine Art Photography Magazine  
2018 F-Stop Magazine Issue #89
2018 Het Parool Ps
2017 Professionele Fotografie PF Magazine
2017 T.A.P. Talks About Photography

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  • Varius enim in eros elementum tristique
    (Dec 2020)
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    (Mar 2020)

2020 Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum, Georgia, I-mediatheque
2020 Chico Art Center California - Windows Into The World: ABSTRACT IMAGERY
2019 Podium Mozaïek Amsterdam, Spirit of Nature 
2018 Gallery de Stoker Amsterdam, Spirit of Nature
2018 F-Stop Magazine - Online Group Exhibition, Spirit of Nature
2018 De Balie Amsterdam, ZEN
2017 FotoFestival Naarden, Book ZEN
2017 0031 Loods 6 Amsterdam
2014 Sint Fransiscus Rotterdam
2013 ArtEvent Helmond
2011 ArtAttack PlantageDok Amsterdam
2010 Trouwgebouw Amsterdam


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